Mystery Shopping Jobs in Australia

North Americans are not the only people who get hired for mystery shopping assignments.
This industry is also very active in Australia and several companies offer opportunities for people to earn money in this way. Here are some examples:

Customer Brand Services

Customer Brand Services has more than 70,000 mystery shoppers in Australia and New Zealand registered in its database. The shoppers are given detailed assignments, which may include the precise date and time the client company would like to receive a “visit.” Some assignments include contacting the business by phone as well as visiting its physical location.

Pay for mystery shoppers varies widely, depending on the assignment. A simple phone call to a company might pay $10, whereas a more involved assignment may be worth several hundred dollars in free products for the mystery shopper. All shoppers must have access to the Internet to be able to work, and registering is a simple matter of filling in an online form. Once the application has been received, the shopper can log into the company website to find out what assignments are available.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper is another Australian company that provides these kinds of services to businesses in the hospitality industry. Companies are able to request a free visit from a mystery shopper to give them the chance to check out the service before committing to paid visits.

Again, people interested in working as mystery shoppers can sign up on the company website to be eligible for assignments. The company will contact people registered with it when an assignment becomes available in their area. Once an assignment has been completed, the shopper must submit his or her report within 24 hours so that the information can be relayed to the client promptly.


Spectre offers mystery opportunities for people who live in Australia and New Zealand. Once you register on the company’s website, you will be given access to an online training manual. Each shopper must pass a test based on material found in the manual before they will be given assignments. In addition to a fee for each shopping assignment, the company will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by the shopper, such as the cost of a meal.

These are only a few examples of mystery shopping companies that operate in Australia. To find other places where you can sign up as a mystery shopper, type “mystery shopper” (in quotes) + the city or area where you would like to work into a search engine.


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