Businesses that Hire Mystery Shopping Companies

Many types of companies can benefit from the information mystery shoppers provide. If a business makes contact with customers, then it could probably benefit from having an objective pair of eyes taking a look at how they do so.

When mystery shopping companies first started, restaurants and clothing stores were their most likely clients. Now, many different kinds of organizations have used these kinds of services to help their employees do their jobs better. It is money well spent, since customers who walk away from a business pleased with the service they have received are much more likely to return to that business for future purchases, as well as to tell their friends to shop there as well.

As a mystery shopper, you may be asked to visit a clothing store and make a purchase, but assignments asking you to to go to a home improvement center, storage facility, hair salon, or book store are also available.

A fast food restaurant may want a mystery shopper to visit and provide some feedback about the experience, or you may have the opportunity to get dressed up and have an evening of fine dining. If you are sent to a restaurant, you will be reimbursed for your meal, as well as getting paid a fee for your time.

Clients of mystery shopping companies also include gas stations, car rental businesses, jewelers, and night clubs. Once you get some experience as a mystery shopper, you will qualify for better (and better paying) assignments that may include things like being paid to spend the night in a hotel.

Amusement parks and other places where people spend their off hours can also benefit from the feedback provided by mystery shoppers. These are places that thrive when they make their guests’ experience as pleasant as possible, and staff members’ customer service skills need to be top notch in order to accomplish this goal.

Fitness centers are another example of places where mystery shoppers have been assigned to pay a visit and report on their findings. Again, this is an example of a place where members need to feel comfortable, or they won’t be continuing with their membership.

Property management companies and new home builders are two other examples of businesses which have found mystery shoppers helpful.

If a particular company doesn’t know there is a problem with the way their staff are dealing with customers, then they can’t make the necessary changes to their policies to improve the situation. Addressing issues early on will improve the company’s bottom line and make for a happier work force as well.

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