The MSPA – Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association is a trade association with more than 150 members worldwide.
Member companies include private investigation firms, market research companies, as well as companies that provide mystery shopping services.

How long has the MSPA been in existence?

The MSPA has been in existence for 10 years.

What services do you offer to member companies?

A company that joins the MSPA can post an ad for mystery shopping opportunities on a website that receives millions of hits each month.

Potential clients looking for mystery shopping companies to work with also visit the MSPA website, and putting a listing on the site makes good business sense.

What criteria do you use when accepting new member companies?

To be a full member they must have been in business as least 2 years and provide 3 references to attest that they perform Mystery Shopping for them. Junior members get reduced benefits but do not have to be in business for any amount of time. Must still provide references and documents that prove they are operating a legitimate business.

What standards do member companies agree to adopt when they join the MSPA?

All companies that join the MSPA agree to adopt a specific code of ethics, including acting in an honest and ethical manner at all times.

You offer a certification program for mystery shoppers. Is this designed for people who are new to this type of work or should a person have some experience before taking the course?

The silver is more for new shoppers and the gold is for more advanced shoppers but you must have silver to go for gold.

Will completing the certification program qualify a mystery shopper for better assignments? What other advantages do certified mystery shoppers get over those who do not have this designation?

Not necessarily. It is totally up to the company as to how much certification means to them. They get knowledge that perhaps they did not have and I know for some companies reserve the best shops for certified shoppers.


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