Preparing Data for Clients

Before the data collected from the mystery shoppers’ reports can be forwarded on to the client, it must be reviewed. Each report must be completed correctly and accurately.
Some mystery shopping companies hire editors to go through all the reports submitted to check them for spelling and grammar. (A client won’t be able to use the information if it isn’t clear what the shopper is trying to communicate.)

People working as mystery shoppers should be prepared to answer questions about the assignments they have worked on to clear up anything that is unclear.

They may also be asked to confirm the details of the shop after the fact.

Clients companies may have very specific needs when it comes to the information they receive from the mystery shopping company, and the companies that provide these services need to be able to provide the information in the form requested.

Some client companies may request that their reports be forwarded to the electronically, while others may prefer to receive it on a CD. Whatever form is requested, it’s important to remember that the information only has a short shelf life. For the work of the mystery shopping company to be considered valuable, it must be delivered to the client as soon as possible.


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