Evaluate Yourself – Would You Be a Good Secret Shopper?

If you have ever wondered whether mystery shopping would be a good choice for you to try, here is some information that will help to figure out whether this is something you would like to try.

Since many mystery shopping companies hire workers as independent contractors, there is no guarantee of how often you will work or whether a particular company will have any work for you at all during some times. Mystery shopping is something that you can do to supplement your income, so this type of work will appeal to people who are making money elsewhere.

As a mystery shopper, can choose to sign up with more than one company that provides these types of services. That is a good way to increase your chances of getting more regular assignments. As long as you are careful not to reveal confidential information about the companies you work for, this is perfectly acceptable.

Mystery shoppers must be able to follow instructions precisely. Each client has specific instructions that they need to have followed to the letter. There is no room for overlooking even the smallest detail when you are given a mystery shopping assignment, so if you find it difficult to stick to the plan you are given, this is not a good choice for you.

Some acting ability would be valuable if you are interested in doing mystery shopping work. Not the overly dramatic, over the top type, though: keep in mind that a mystery shopper must look and act like an “average” customer while doing an assignment. This fact must be kept in mind at all times if you are going to be successful in this kind of work.

A keen eye for detail is also a must. Don’t forget that you are being paid to observe certain things about the business environment, as well as make a purchase. The more accurate you can be in your observations, the more valuable your information will be to the company. If you continue to provide good quality information when you go out on an assignment, over time you will be offered more interesting (and lucrative) work.


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