Which Mystery Shopping Employer is Best?

If you are interested in working as a mystery shopper, you have a number of options. Of course – start with the MysteryShopperJobFinder database because it has a list of legitimate employers as well as job openings.

Some large companies hire mystery shoppers directly on a full-time basis, but you are more likely to be able to find work by getting hired on a pay-for-service basis by a mystery shopping company.

To find out more about large companies that handle their mystery shopping needs in house, make a list of companies that would be likely to do this. Then visit the company website to see if mystery shoppers are mentioned. Another option is to make up a list of companies you would like to work with and calling each one directly to see whether they hire mystery shoppers as employees.

Since market research and private investigation firms provide mystery shopping services, these are two good sources to contact when you are looking for work. If they don’t hire mystery shoppers directly, you can ask whether they can provide you with the name of a contact person you can get in touch with at a company that does employ mystery shoppers.

Keep in mind that signing a contract work as a mystery shopper with a company doesn’t mean that they are obligated to offer you a fixed number of assignments (or any assignments at all). You only get paid for the work that you complete for the company.

In addition, as an independent contractor, you are not in the same category as a company employee. You are not entitled to paid vacation time, sick leave, and the like. Independent contractors are considered to be self-employed business owners, and they are able to deduct reasonable expenses incurred to generate income.

In Focus: Choosing a Mystery Shopping Employer


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