How to Get Hired for a Mystery Shopper Job

When you are looking for mystery shopping work, keep in mind that this is a lot more than just “getting paid to shop.” This is a real job, and it is work.
Treat it accordingly, and you will have a much better chance of being successful.

Many companies you would be interested in working for ask you to fill in an online registration form so that your information can be added to their database of mystery shoppers. Fill this information in carefully. Take a few minutes to review your application form before you actually send it in.

One common complaint mystery shopping companies have about people who sign up is that they take the time to fill out a profile but don’t respond to a call out for mystery shoppers when an assignment comes available. Check out the company first, and if you are still interested in working with them, fill out the form. There are many mystery shopping companies interested in hiring contractors, so if the first one you look at doesn’t seem as if it will have assignments you would be interested in completing, then move on to something else that would fit in with your interests better.

When you are asked to provide written answers to questions on your application, make sure that whatever you submit is grammatically correct and is free of spelling errors. The employer is going to be checking out not only what you are saying, but the way you say it. Part of the job of working as a mystery shopper is being able to express yourself clearly when you submit a report.

The issue of poor writing in mystery shopping reports is significant enough that companies have been forced to hire editors to go over reports after submission to make sure they are clear and error-free. Don’t forget that your work will eventually make it onto the desk of the mystery shopping company’s client, so you want to make sure you are giving it your best effort.


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